INGLOT in Ahmedabad!!


Though I decided to write regularly, but that would have spoiled my lazy image.. so here I am. writing almost after a month.

Well whats up around me is the Diwali hoohaa, my weight loss spree, usual office, troubling maid at home and movie plans for upcoming Sunday.

Last Sunday, my Dad called me early morning (9.30 a.m is early on a Sunday)  and said “Diwali ke liye naye kapde le lena. Baad me time nai milega”(Buy new pair of clothes for Diwali. You wont get time later.) So the plan for Sunday was up. Watch “Escape Plan” and then go shopping.

The best place to shop in a short span of time in my city Ahmedabad is Alpha One Mall. So there I was at the mall and was walking while figuring it out where to buy from and Voilaaa!!!! What did I just see. INGLOT‘s counter?? I started with my OMG OMG OMG.. Inglot!! and KD (previosuly K :p) was like.. What in the whole world just happened to her??  Of course I didnt expect him to understand that feeling.

Well how I wished it was MAC n I would have gone bonkers but brands like Inglot coming up is a good sign for Ahmedabad’s Cosmetic market and for me of course.

Though I am not a hard core make-up person, I am still a beginner, but trying hands at good brands and those pretty make-up and skin care products make me feel Pampered 😀 😀 and of course a step further into learning the art.

Due to lot of Sunday rush I decided to visit Inglot on a weekday. When I did (which was 2 days back), I had a word with the leading rep there and took some images of the counter. And, here they are.


See the brushes there? I so wanted to buy an angled eye liner brush and a foundation brush but controlled myself (end of the month phase u see) This basically is the side for all eye products. Below is a pic showing two Sides one for Foundations + Compacts and another displaying a long range of Nail Paints. (sorry for the blur images)


Next and the final is the Lippie End. The side for Lip gloss’ and the lipsticks.


The shades are looking pretty. Aren’t they?

I even tried the Slim Gel Lipstick. You can see the swatches down here. The best thing about these were that they easy  Image

to apply for  me who is not a hardcore Lipstick person. It was very moisturizing, has Vitamin E and is Paraben free as claimed by the brand. I liked the third (from left) shade and found it apt for office use. But Sigh! a fresh piece wasn’t available 😦 .

The shade I guess is Slim Gel Lipstick 61.

So that was my Inglot experience. I was pretty happy about it except the part that I didn’t get the Lip stick i zeroed down on that too after going against my decision of controlling my expenses :p :p.

I have also shared my excitement and the experience with owner Anamika and she was nice enough to even post it  on her blog for her readers. Here is the link to the post.

I feel my excitement has made me sound like an Inglot insider :p They should thank me for this free promotion or just send me a Diwali Inglot gift hamper :p :p

Hope to write something new soon. Ciao till den!!



Long Time.

Sssup World..

Long long time I didn’t post. I did write but they are lying as drafts. Lemme recollect what all has happened since I last wrote…

Year 2013 ended and ended with some not so great news. Nothing personal but yes.. definitely shocked me. The world lost cute, handsome and a wonderful actor Paul Walker, India lost another great actor Farooq Shaikh. We almost lost  ‘The Michael Schumacher’. The world still is praying for you Mr. Please wake up.

Indian Politics saw a new rising after years. A rising of a new political party – Aam Admi Party (AAP). A party led by an enthusiast who does not carry any strong political legacy to boast of  but is high on determination and definitely high on Action and execution. The man – Arvind Kejriwal. Within a short span, this man with limited resources and time fought and became the CM of the Capital of India- Delhi. A city announced as a state where the government hadn’t changed for last 15 years!! AAP is a new hope. They are in controversies for their different ways of solving certain issues off lately. I guess they will take some more time align and learn and come up with new n clean ways of governance but they still are way better option for this country. why? One because they are educated leaders for a change and they are young.

Moving ahead.. 2014 started off well. Celebrated new year’s eve being sober at home watching movie again. Though my company enjoyed vodka. Then came the Kite flying on 14th Jan where I tried hard to fly at least one kite but alas!

I also finished 2 years at the present work place. It has been nice but not too exciting.  Need to find more challenges here which I know I can. And then came the best day of the year.. my Birthday :p This was one of the best b’days everrrrr… full of surprises, gifts and love. Kd gifted me with almost 4 different gifts and so did my parents.


Pre bday Gift. Gifted almost 10 days earlier.


My birthday Cake


Another gift.. Yayee!!


Sturridge January


A cute lil gift


And Dad gifts me Wine this time..


Yet another gift.. All the way from younger brother.



What else… Well I have taken up weight loss and healthy lifestyle as a serious challenge and will accomplish it this year.

Soon, my family will be shifting to a new home in the same city. I will be the one staying in this new house. My parents are still in a different city which means I will be the queen again :p 

That sums up the highlights till now.. Will try to write more again. Liverpool plays Arsenal today at Anfield. Wishing my team all the best. 

Ciao. Gotta go and catch up with my match on the Office TV :p 

Liverpool Love

Wassup World!!

I am about to end the day and doze off. Its already past 12. I am Listening to Above and Beyond’s Group Therapy 050 Live while typing. Now talking about rest of the day, It was usual. But the evening was made just so spectacular by my only love in Football/Soccer – The Liverpool Football club. It was a treat watching the game apart from drooling over Steven Gerrard ❤ ❤

The match was against West Bromwich Albion which is not the strongest and a leading team but has been challenging  at times in the last season. Well, I am still to understand a lot about the game, terms and technicalities but still I will go ahead and put my happiness in simple words.

The game saw a 3 goals hat-trick from one of the best striker of the premier league- Luis Suarez. It was his first hat-trick at Anfield.

cropped_LSUAHe entered the premier league this season  a bit late because of the ban imposed on him in last season but he is already one of the top goal scorers of the season apart form our very own Daniel Sturridge. Oh yes, We also saw some great Sturridge moves when he brilliantly lifted the ball to the goal over the Goalkeeper’s head.


But the best of all four goals was the header from Suarez assisted by Gerrard’s beautiful free kick.

LIV3-0WBA_Suarez Header

The game’s highlight was not just Suarez’ hat-trick and the triumph but a great game put up by the team. From always amazing Gerrard to generally questioned Henderson to every other Red,  it was a spectacular team game on Anfield today.

The game today was promising enough and definitely more loud than the recent words of ex Manchester United Manager-  (Sir) Alex Ferguson on Liverpool.

I and all the Kop fans hope that we maintain this tempo n even improvise in all the upcoming games. The 2 terror towers Suarez and Sturridge are gonna do wonders with the right support. Next match is with Arsenal. Our second big match this season with a leading team post the one against Manchester United earlier. It is going to be tough and testing but I hope Liverpool is outshines itself.

#You will never walk Alone


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Silent night!

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Last night I was too bored with TV and was neither willing to sleep and end my day just like that .  Must be around 12. I went straight to my apartment’s gallery to enjoy the breeze indicating the arrival of Winter soon. Standing there I was looking at the huge TV screens of people in the opposite wing. It was good to see a calm atmosphere and people having retired to their comfort zones.

So I randomly clicked pictures trying to capture the house and the TV screens with my phone. I could not do it well though but just for killing time sake. I liked the look of the burning moon in midst of the cool breeze. so tried to capture that too.

Another day!

I just thought of ending the day by writing and sharing me with people who might read. As a matter of fact, two followings to the blog today encouraged me to be at ease about sharing thoughts even if it is random and not so fun and informative to share. Thank you both (Jordan Policicchio and ‘adoptingjames’).

Well the day was usual. I cribbed yet again “Saturday- Y u no off for me?” :p

By the end of the day at work, I started weaving plans as to how to make it different. Its WEEKEND. I have the right to feel different about it  :p :p

K had a tiring day. Parents weren’t here.  And, I had decided not to befriend colleagues beyond a line so they are never a choice for hanging out. SO it was all but me.

I had 2 things in mind. Either check out the new car at a showroom near by which I wish to buy (only WISH to :p) or go to a mall and buy something for myself (Salary got credited today). The motive to plan all this alone was as usual. Pamper self, feel ok bout being alone and learn self dependency. So the whole thing in head of being self sustained n being with self  is still conscious. Hope it goes subconscious soon.

Well, ultimately I accompanied K to a doc since he wasn’t well and I wanted him to be better by tomorrow and enjoy the Sunday. Dropped him back, forgot my phone with him, reached home after struggling with horrible Saturday traffic, had food, went back to K to pick up my phone and back home. Watched some episodes of One tree hill, shed a minor tear to see Quinn live the fear of losing the love of life (Season 8, episode 3 :p) drooled over Clay (Robert Buckley) the latest crush and it was 12.45 a.m. With already 2 pings from K asking me to sleep, I came here to share my day like in a daily diary. Sorry K. Done now.

Time to sleep. Will dedicate this post to Clay, the latest crush :p

Gn 🙂


A difficult balance

Why is ‘patience’ so difficult? Why is being independent and still being emotionally balanced so difficult(for me)? Why do we have to cling consciously or subconsciously to something or someone (again my case generally).

I wish I was a different person because the world is too different from what I expected it to be  as an honest person while growing up  or may be the people I come across or more importantly the people I like are different.
I have  tried to change a lot of aspects in me of course based on failures in dealing with people, to be at par with the ‘practical’ ‘fast’ ‘over ambitious’ world or even general people who I found to be smart/opportunist or may be not so selfish but not as sentimental like me as per my criteria of understanding. I evolved, matured a bit but in the process I have lost the track of original me, of what I liked and enjoyed.
But truth be told, I don’t want new people as sentimental as me in my life because where will d strength come from if only an emotional extreme is maintained. But I need people who can exactly understand those sentiments and the depth or basically the ‘me’.
I think I have spent my teen and my early 20s in just finding good people to be with. And my entire focus was on proving a point that there are good people and I am good at heart n still bold and that is what good life is all about. In this I ignored the good parents I had because they were parents and had restrictions for me which I never liked. I ignored understanding a reality, that existence is not about people but its you n what you make out of it in terms of career. I was so focused on people n relations and emotions and mindsets that I studied for the sake of studying and not because I knew what I wanted to be in future.
I am still in search of that passion where I can do or die and work mindlessly for an idea. A passion that wont involve my emotions for a person or a relation but for something else. Be it a new career altogether or be it any damn thing. I never turned highly ambitious. I only know how to work with determination and the best of knowledge I have and to work with all the perfection I know of. I hardly take an initiative. I didn’t learn to be over aggressive and I don’t c d killing instinct for a particular field of work that I see for the close relations around me.
I wish I can be more balanced. I tried isolating and concentrating on work life and finding ways to be happy with self because depending for small fun moments on closed ones was not a successful solution for a good time in life.Basically I reached another side of extremity  where i try finding solace in isolation because it better not to handle people at all. For me it was learning to b at your own without clinging emotionally. I did see a temporary success but then inner frustration surfaced up at times when I think how many people I know and I matter to and I influence or even basic- I enjoy talking to.
Working and finding passion is all upto me but changing myself has been a difficult journey and m clueless where it has taken me to and will lead me. 
Way too much of weird random post over now :p. Basically I am done taking it out by writing(typing).
Ciao. Goodnight.

Shradha Sharma.

A Pretty Giveaway

A Pretty Giveaway

I haven’t blogged since some time. I have rather been following blogs of various people. One of the blogs that I follow is

It is one of the best use of socialmedia that I have come across. Kudos to the the initiator of the blog Anamika and the efforts of everyone that goes into making this blog so very valuable. The best part of it is that it can connect with any girl or even an elderly woman around you. If you are a teen, wiseshe has something for you, if you are an office going, wiseshe has something for you, if you are a mom it has something for u.. basically it offers its bit to women from all sections of an urban strata.

This post ofcourse is an act of participation for a giveaway. There have been many giveaways on wiseshe but I generally didn’t take a plunge to participate. This time it just clicked why not. So here it is. a pretty giveaway of Revlon products. One should definitely try. As such we women keep looking for samples.. It cant get better but try this giveaway :p

You can click it here or even the my subject is linked to the original post on wiseshe.