I begin

Well, like many others of my breed (the lazy or the confused ones), I am yet another where I have been wanting to write a blog since don’t know when.. but always felt that there should be something that I strongly feel about that compels me to write or put it into a blog.. Yea I did write many a times to let it rest in my mail drafts bcz most of things I as a person felt about has been either too personal that I will definitely regret blogging out after the sentimental turbulence dies or it is too controversial in social reference… 

Thanks to Schemer (ya all other things failed in making me reach here to write), I finally decided to increase my “I’ve already done” list comparing it to the “I want to” list n the easiest and oldest pending to do was write a blog.. 

So here it is.. I decided why not just write.. even if it is not appealing or forcing me to write.. Just to express and say common and momentary things in  a day.. which is and will be difficult for a moody person of my kind.. who also prefers keeping a line of difference between just expressing and over expressing about things and always ends up in crossing that line 

So let’s see..what this new activity brings along..