Rains 2012

My city has been waiting for it to rain eagerly and all the frustration with the cloudy hide n seek since some days ended day before. But till it did, it was late night and most of the people atleast the disciplined and “good” ones retire to their beds before that.

Well I am a nocturnal beast. I don’t sleep unless I am reminded of the pain getting up in the morning for office and thankfully, this amazing job is Karn’s responsibility..more amazing bcz it is Him doing it (he is the king of the beasts I just mentioned) but with time as things change, our habits and requirements do, so did his.. And so begins his constant requests aka warning on whatsapp and texts and all kinds of emoticons and blackmail by 11.15..  Ya… I know.. lucky me… But more on that later…

Right now it is all about the rain that night.. It rained heavily. Well I am not a big fan of Rains.. I hated them during school bcz the Game periods got cancelled. I hated them when I grew up bcz other vehicles would spray paint dirt on you while you are on two wheeler.. I hated them when other girls were awwwwwwwwwwwwww about rains as if rest of the seasons were so unromantic for them (ya I don’t go  gaga about the Rain=Romantic funda).. I hated them for screwing the traffic when I drove back home…. Rains also have also been scary for me.. I have no clue why.. but it has been especially untimely rain..

So when it rained heavily this night I as usual had mixed feelings.. could feel d same old thump in heart for the weird unknown fear.. oh rains!! And also Oh the messy Rains and then aah rains..(bye to summers).

But then I went out to my gallery (despite of the last warning from Karn to sleep) and stood there enjoying cool breeze and the rain and noticed people thronging to their galleries that late to feel or witness the rain.. There was no over rejoicement like dancing, shouting hooting like many people do (no offence).. It was just people in their home quietly acknowledging rains.. Someone standing alone, someone with his dogs, someone with his wife someone with their kids..but I could sense one common thing..a solace…. just peace in noise just that of heavy rains.

And rains made me feel good.. Just too good.. I wish the king beast actually stood there to shout and call me inside.. which he did via texts though :p

But I am happy about rains this time 🙂 … Rains 2012!!

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