Random Restlessness

At times you feel scared that why and how everything is fine and at times you are scared because you have a reason to be scared about.

In either of the cases, despite of everything being fine in routine there is a slight restlessness. Because either things are fine but there is something that’s worrisome which can’t be solved today or you are used to problems and troubles and your brain is trained to see life that way. So you tend to find issues even during good or say routine phases of life. Conclusion: You aren’t calm. You are happy but not that satisfied and full full happy happy.

There are situations when you are very happy and confident of fact that you are having a good phase and you are enjoying it without worrying and speculating. But suddenly there is a restlessness. And then that restlessness reminds you of many problems that do exist but weren’t as important or grave a minute before the restlessness. You also tend to think if the good times are temporary or you dumb and gambling with life by not taking the issues seriously and ignoring it while enjoying life.

So basically, the mind is dumb. Think whatever, the present doesn’t change and you can’t improve the past and you definitely can’t do anything about the future by worrying. So let’s just be conscious and not ignore the problem(s) but not miss out on present because of the restlessness that your habit or your speculations about future give you.  Be prepared Be strong

P.S Wish that was easy to do :p