Long Time.

Sssup World..

Long long time I didn’t post. I did write but they are lying as drafts. Lemme recollect what all has happened since I last wrote…

Year 2013 ended and ended with some not so great news. Nothing personal but yes.. definitely shocked me. The world lost cute, handsome and a wonderful actor Paul Walker, India lost another great actor Farooq Shaikh. We almost lost  ‘The Michael Schumacher’. The world still is praying for you Mr. Please wake up.

Indian Politics saw a new rising after years. A rising of a new political party – Aam Admi Party (AAP). A party led by an enthusiast who does not carry any strong political legacy to boast of  but is high on determination and definitely high on Action and execution. The man – Arvind Kejriwal. Within a short span, this man with limited resources and time fought and became the CM of the Capital of India- Delhi. A city announced as a state where the government hadn’t changed for last 15 years!! AAP is a new hope. They are in controversies for their different ways of solving certain issues off lately. I guess they will take some more time align and learn and come up with new n clean ways of governance but they still are way better option for this country. why? One because they are educated leaders for a change and they are young.

Moving ahead.. 2014 started off well. Celebrated new year’s eve being sober at home watching movie again. Though my company enjoyed vodka. Then came the Kite flying on 14th Jan where I tried hard to fly at least one kite but alas!

I also finished 2 years at the present work place. It has been nice but not too exciting.  Need to find more challenges here which I know I can. And then came the best day of the year.. my Birthday :p This was one of the best b’days everrrrr… full of surprises, gifts and love. Kd gifted me with almost 4 different gifts and so did my parents.


Pre bday Gift. Gifted almost 10 days earlier.


My birthday Cake


Another gift.. Yayee!!


Sturridge January


A cute lil gift


And Dad gifts me Wine this time..


Yet another gift.. All the way from younger brother.



What else… Well I have taken up weight loss and healthy lifestyle as a serious challenge and will accomplish it this year.

Soon, my family will be shifting to a new home in the same city. I will be the one staying in this new house. My parents are still in a different city which means I will be the queen again :p 

That sums up the highlights till now.. Will try to write more again. Liverpool plays Arsenal today at Anfield. Wishing my team all the best. 

Ciao. Gotta go and catch up with my match on the Office TV :p 


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