INGLOT in Ahmedabad!!


Though I decided to write regularly, but that would have spoiled my lazy image.. so here I am. writing almost after a month.

Well whats up around me is the Diwali hoohaa, my weight loss spree, usual office, troubling maid at home and movie plans for upcoming Sunday.

Last Sunday, my Dad called me early morning (9.30 a.m is early on a Sunday)  and said “Diwali ke liye naye kapde le lena. Baad me time nai milega”(Buy new pair of clothes for Diwali. You wont get time later.) So the plan for Sunday was up. Watch “Escape Plan” and then go shopping.

The best place to shop in a short span of time in my city Ahmedabad is Alpha One Mall. So there I was at the mall and was walking while figuring it out where to buy from and Voilaaa!!!! What did I just see. INGLOT‘s counter?? I started with my OMG OMG OMG.. Inglot!! and KD (previosuly K :p) was like.. What in the whole world just happened to her??  Of course I didnt expect him to understand that feeling.

Well how I wished it was MAC n I would have gone bonkers but brands like Inglot coming up is a good sign for Ahmedabad’s Cosmetic market and for me of course.

Though I am not a hard core make-up person, I am still a beginner, but trying hands at good brands and those pretty make-up and skin care products make me feel Pampered 😀 😀 and of course a step further into learning the art.

Due to lot of Sunday rush I decided to visit Inglot on a weekday. When I did (which was 2 days back), I had a word with the leading rep there and took some images of the counter. And, here they are.


See the brushes there? I so wanted to buy an angled eye liner brush and a foundation brush but controlled myself (end of the month phase u see) This basically is the side for all eye products. Below is a pic showing two Sides one for Foundations + Compacts and another displaying a long range of Nail Paints. (sorry for the blur images)


Next and the final is the Lippie End. The side for Lip gloss’ and the lipsticks.


The shades are looking pretty. Aren’t they?

I even tried the Slim Gel Lipstick. You can see the swatches down here. The best thing about these were that they easy  Image

to apply for  me who is not a hardcore Lipstick person. It was very moisturizing, has Vitamin E and is Paraben free as claimed by the brand. I liked the third (from left) shade and found it apt for office use. But Sigh! a fresh piece wasn’t available 😦 .

The shade I guess is Slim Gel Lipstick 61.

So that was my Inglot experience. I was pretty happy about it except the part that I didn’t get the Lip stick i zeroed down on that too after going against my decision of controlling my expenses :p :p.

I have also shared my excitement and the experience with owner Anamika and she was nice enough to even post it  on her blog for her readers. Here is the link to the post.

I feel my excitement has made me sound like an Inglot insider :p They should thank me for this free promotion or just send me a Diwali Inglot gift hamper :p :p

Hope to write something new soon. Ciao till den!!