Another day!

I just thought of ending the day by writing and sharing me with people who might read. As a matter of fact, two followings to the blog today encouraged me to be at ease about sharing thoughts even if it is random and not so fun and informative to share. Thank you both (Jordan Policicchio and ‘adoptingjames’).

Well the day was usual. I cribbed yet again “Saturday- Y u no off for me?” :p

By the end of the day at work, I started weaving plans as to how to make it different. Its WEEKEND. I have the right to feel different about it  :p :p

K had a tiring day. Parents weren’t here.  And, I had decided not to befriend colleagues beyond a line so they are never a choice for hanging out. SO it was all but me.

I had 2 things in mind. Either check out the new car at a showroom near by which I wish to buy (only WISH to :p) or go to a mall and buy something for myself (Salary got credited today). The motive to plan all this alone was as usual. Pamper self, feel ok bout being alone and learn self dependency. So the whole thing in head of being self sustained n being with self  is still conscious. Hope it goes subconscious soon.

Well, ultimately I accompanied K to a doc since he wasn’t well and I wanted him to be better by tomorrow and enjoy the Sunday. Dropped him back, forgot my phone with him, reached home after struggling with horrible Saturday traffic, had food, went back to K to pick up my phone and back home. Watched some episodes of One tree hill, shed a minor tear to see Quinn live the fear of losing the love of life (Season 8, episode 3 :p) drooled over Clay (Robert Buckley) the latest crush and it was 12.45 a.m. With already 2 pings from K asking me to sleep, I came here to share my day like in a daily diary. Sorry K. Done now.

Time to sleep. Will dedicate this post to Clay, the latest crush :p

Gn 🙂